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Teachers Guide
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This curriculum web is intented to familiarize middle school students with the idea that the history of life on earth is preserved through the fossil record.


 I have created this student Paleontology site because it enables students to master several key learning objectives while working through an exciting and up to date interactive website.  I thought that this aspect of Geology would be best approached through the use of a well organized curriculum web for a couple of reasons.  First, the resources available online for this particular topic are numerous and often difficult for students to sort through when they are left to explore on their own.  Second, because this topic deals with species that may now be extinct, and therefore may be unfamiliar to many students, it is important to have excellent visuals to teach this material well.  Lastly, past experience with this unit has taught me that students become really invested in this particular unit when they can "feel and act" like student paleontologists and when they can utilize technology to complete their "job."

Targeted Learners

This curriculum web is designed for middle-school students ages 11-14 who are being introduced to the study of the fossil record and Earth's Geologic History.  The students population is diverse at this age level, particularly in regards to prior knowledge, computer skills, and the ability to work independently.  The teacher will need to guide students through many of the activities on this web, particularly if it is the students first expereince with internet based curricula.


Students will need to have the following skills in order to be successful with this curriculum web;

  • familiar with the idea that planet earth has changed over time
  • awareness of the terms; fossil, extinction, species, sedimentary rock
  • basic expereince with website navigation and troubleshooting tips
  • abitlity to complete a hands on lab by following a procedure
  • experience and instruction on the use of PowerPoint to complete a project


  • Laptops, 1 per pair of students
  • LCD projector
  • Modeling Clay, extra egg cartons, petroleum jelly, paper cups and plastic spoons
  • Mural paper and art supplies (i.e. markers or paints)

Subject Matter

The subject matter for this curriculum web is Geology and, more specifically, the fossil record and the role it plays in explaining Earth's expansive history.

Click here to access the specific Learning Goals and Objectives and a detailed Instructional Plan.

E-mail address: Feel free to contact me with any questions about this website.