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Geologic Time Scale
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Curriculum Web Rubric
Appendices and Glossary

Specific instructions for using the curriculum web to meet the target learning goals.

     Pre-teaching strategies:

  • assess prior knowledge about fossils and Geologic history
  • teach basic navigation on the internet and try a few sample curriculum webs
  • review lab skills/use of a procedure
  • ensure that students are paired with a compatible lab partner
  • teach PowerPoint and include a practice mini-project

     Using the web:

  • Tell students that they will be using an internet based "classroom" to reach 4+ learning objects in their Geology Unit.  Be sure the learning targets are clearly posted in the classroom.
  • Re-inforce that they should work as independently as possible but that you will be available at all times if needed.
  • Open the curriculum web together and project the Home page on the LCD projector.  Read over the home page as a whole group and point out the navigational bar.
  • Ask students to begin their study. They are to go only as far as the "Fossils?" page today and tomorrow.
  • At the end of part 1 (Fossils?) Remind the whole group that they will need to have the required materials for the Fossil Lab.  These are listed on the Home page.  Be sure to have a few extra egg cartons on hand for students who were absent or absent minded :-)
  • Schedule 2 days for the fossil lab.  One to create and one to "unearth" and observe.
  • Part 3 "Virtual Dig" Students can procedd from this point at their own pace.  By this time all students should be familiar with the page and the classroom expectations for completion. 
  • Stop periodically to review the learning targets and to have a whole group "check-in." Oftentimes, classroom discussion will open the avenues of communication and students will be more likely to voice questions or concerns.
  • Set a time limit for completion.  I would say 7-10 days maximum. Depending on the classroom period length. 
  • Offer extra-help afterschool for those students who need more time or support with this curriculum web.

Culminating Activity:

  • Set aside a few days to allow students to present their PowerPoint projects. 
  • Use large mural paper to create a classroom timeline of Geologic history/events.  Ask students to enter several of their favorite events from their personal timelines.  Offer opportunities to illustrate the timeline. 

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