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Funny Bones

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Curriculum Web Rubric
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Funny Bones Rubric

Objective: students will work through a series of activities that will familiarize them with fossils, fossil excavation and ultimately lead them to create a PowerPoint presentation highlighting key aspects of earth’s geologic history. 











Fossils: Formation and types

Worksheet 1

Demonstrates little to no understanding of what a fossil is or how it is formed.

Demonstrates knowledge of at least one way that fossils can form and can adequately explain what a fossil is.

Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of fossil formation and can explain at least 3 different types of fossils.



Fossils: Lab activity #1

Unable to make fossils or observe classroom fossils in detail; lack of materials needed and is not focused during the lab activity

Successfully creates at least 3 fossils and observes classroom fossils with some detail.  Remains on task throughout the lab activity.

Creates 5 fossils and records detailed observations of classroom samples.  Demonstrates student scientist skills throughout



Research and Timeline

Responds to three or less of the research questions. Completes 50 % or less of the 15 events in the timeline

Responds to at least 4 of the research questions and completes 80% of the required events In the timeline

Responds to all of the research questions completely and adds 13+ events to the timeline.






Presentation is incomplete, does not consider design elements, and is minimally effective in communicating knowledge learned

Presentation is mostly complete, containing at least 10 of the required slides.  Shows moderate design skill effectively communicates new knowledge

PowerPoint has met all criteria, shows awareness of layout and design elements, and effectively conveys knowledge learned to the audience.



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