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Funny Bones

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Welcome to Funny Bones! This is an interactive curriculum web for those of you who are paleontologists at heart!  Or, maybe your Geology crazed  Earth Science teacher made you come here but, nonetheless, I think you will enjoy this introduction to paleontology..designed exclusively for student scientists!

“Funny Bones” is an interactive curriculum web that is intended to familiarize sixth grade scientists with Earth’s expansive geologic history and the use of the fossil record in creating the Geologic Time Scale.  This website will provide information that make classroom fossil studies interesting and fun.  It includes links, labs, and EXTRA EXTRA! assignments.  All students are expected to work with their lab partner through the entire website and make sure they complete the following 4 requirements:

      1. Fossil worksheet
      2. Fossil lab
      3. Timeline of Earth's history (15 events needed)
      4. PowerPoint Project

Updated 8/22/08
  Search your houses tonight! You must bring in an egg carton and 5 objects that are smaller than a quarter to complete your fossil lab on Thursday.  Each student must bring in thier own supplies in order to participate in the fossil making.


Paleontology is...

The study of the forms of life existing in prehistoric or geologic times, as represented by the fossils of plants, animals, and other organisms.
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