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Funny Bones

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"Funny Bones" has been designed to help middle school students reach the following learning targets and goals-

      The general goals for this web are based on the Maine State Learning results which mandate that all 6-8 graders can;

  •   explain how the layers of sedimentary rock and their contained fossils   provide evidence for the long history of Earth and the long history of life
  •  describe how fossils can be used to trace the history of a species
  •  explain how fossils form
  •  describe how fossils are used to explain change over time in regards to life forms, climate, and geologic formations.


     In addition to these general goals, my personal and ongoing goal is to provide investigative experiences for students that will both inspire and motivate them towards life long learning in the natural sciences.  My belief is that by providing opportunities for students to think and act like scientists, they may get hooked and one day want to become one!


     My specific learning objectives for this curriculum web are;


  •  Student scientists will understand will be able to explain what a fossil is and describe at least 2 ways that fossils can form.
  •  Students will follow an experiemntal procedure to create at least 5 fossils and record detailed observations for at least 3/5 classroom fossil samples.
  • Students are able to respond correctly to 5 pre-determined research questions and create a Geologic Time Line that contains 13/15 correct geologically significant events.
  •  Students will understand how the fossil record has helped and continues to add to our understanding of earth’s history and long and short term changes that have occurred throughout that expanse of time.  This will be demonstrated by the creation of a PowerPoint presentation which highlights the significance of at least 10 geological events.


     To achieve these goals, students will work through a series of activities that will familiarize them with fossils, fossil excavation and ultimately lead them to create a PowerPoint presentation highlighting key aspects of earth’s geologic history. 

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